JBS Computer Science Self-Portrait Challenge

For Computer Science Education Week 2021-2022, we are kicking off a self-portrait competition! Any and all submissions are welcome, the only requirement is that you use the computer to either creatively modify a photo of yourself or draw a picture of yourself. You don't even have to have a picture of yourself, it could just be something that you feel represents you. Students who want to code a drawing are welcome to reach out to Mr. Bisch, who is willing to do a demo session in the morning on a late start day in the middle school computer lab. Submit your school appropriate self-portrait to selfies@jburroughs.org. You can either email it as an attachment or share a Google Drive folder. Please include a description, either by email or with a Google Doc explaining how you created your selfie! There will be prizes! Faculty participation welcome and encouraged! Please turn in your submission by Spring Break.

Examples from CS Department Faculty